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      來源:萊實集團 時間:2023-09-29 瀏覽:69


      Steel structure of Shandong Yueneng Chemical Industry’s 3.6 million tons/year olefins and aromatics by high sulfur fuel oil viscosity refined production project was successfully signed




      在接下來的施工中,我司項目部全體人員將始終秉承“安全第一、質量為本、精心施工、科學管理”的生產方針,按照“建一流工程,創一流質量,樹一流品牌”的要求, 充分發揮公司在技術、管理等方面的綜合優勢,竭誠把項目打造成精品工程。

      This project is located in Lijin Binhai New Area, Dongying City, Shandong Province. It is invested and constructed by Shandong Guangyue Chemical Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 3.56 billion yuan. It is a key chemical project in Lijin Binhai New Area. Our company undertook the installation of the project's 2.2 million tons/year catalytic cracking unit, 700,000 tons/year gas fractionation unit, 120,000 tons/year MTBE unit, and on-site production and installation of the coaxial settling-regenerator in the catalytic cracking unit.

      In the following construction, all personnel of our project department will always adhere to the production policy of "safety first, quality-oriented, meticulous construction, scientific management" and follow the principle of "build first-class projects, create first-class quality, and establish first-class brands" requirements, give full play to the company's comprehensive advantages in technology, management and other aspects, and wholeheartedly build the project into a high-quality project.